A meeting of the members of the Cumberland County Football Committee was held at the Railway Hotel, Aspatria, on Wednesday afternoon. Mr. SUTTON, Whitehaven presided, and there were also present Messrs:
 C. J. LEWTHWAITE, Cockermouth
 G. R. THOMPSON, Maryport
 W. T. BENNETT, Parton
 C. E. SMITH, Workington
 G. BELL, Aspatria
 T. WILSON, Wigton
 J. ROBLEY, Maryport, secretary
     The principal business was the choosing of the teams for the trial match at Cockermouth on November 1st. Mr. SUTTON of Whitehaven, was appointed captain of one fifteen, and Mr. J. STEEL, of the Eden Wanderers, Carlisle, captain of the other. The following were the sides:
 Mr. SUTTON's Team:
 J. SHIPPEN, Whitehaven
 D. ATKINSON, Whitehaven
 R. Y. SUTTON, Whitehaven
 J. MURCHIE, Workington
 W. LEWTHWAITE, Maryport
 C. HARRIS, Whitehaven
 T. SHIPPEN, Whitehaven
 J. O. SMITH, Workington
 J. BEATTIE, Workington
 A. HILL, Workington
 W. ROBERTSON, Workington
 J. WOOD, Parton
 J. BAYMAN, Parton
 J. HOLLIDAY, Maryport
 Mr. STEEL's Team:
 W. T. BROWN, Maryport
 C. F. CHAPMAN, Eden Wanderers
 G. BELL, Aspatria
 J. W. MCQUHAE, Cockermouth
 H. MONKHOUSE, Aspatria
 J. TREMBLE, Aspatria
 W. HOLMES, Cockermouth
 G. GIBSON, Cockermouth
 T. NETTLETON, Cockermouth
 J. BROWN, Maryport
 J. SKELTON, Maryport
 T. WILSON, Wigton
 G. B. BLAKE, Eden Wanderers
 Reserves for both teams:
 J. HARKER, Aspatria
 J. KENDALL, Aspatria
 J. ROBINSON, Wigton
 The Rev. W. J. WAINWRIGHT, Aspatria was appointed referee, and Messrs. J. E. BIRKETT, Workington and J. ORANGE, Whitehaven umpires. Owing to Carlisle City Club having an important fixture on the first of November none of their members were able to take part in this game.
     Mr. J. C. DOVE, of Carlisle, was appointed umpire for Cumberland in the match against Northumberland, at Carlisle, on November 15th. It was also agreed that the dates be fixed for playing North Lancashire.