The above match was played on the ground of the Broughton Club last Saturday, in the presence of a fair proportion of spectators. The home team presented a very creditable appearance on the field in their new uniform, and showed a marked contrast to the variegated costumes of their opponents.
     From a football point of view, both clubs are open to considerable improvement in the game; but with some practice, combined with steadiness, they will be enabled to play with greater amount of unanimity characteristic of first class teams.
     The play from the first was entirely monopolised by the visitors, who succeeded in placing to their credits six tries and nine touchdowns against nil of the home fifteen. The superior play of the visitors was mainly due to the splendid runs by the Brothers PAISLEY, who were successful in adding five tries to the visitors' score: also to STRAUGHTON, LEWIN and ROPER, who all played pluckily for their team.
     For the home club TREMBLE (captain) proved himself a player of the first order, and was ably supported by NEWMAN (vice) and MOSES. The names of both fifteens were given in Wednesday's paper.
     As the return match is to be played to-day at Greysouthen, it is to be hoped that the result will be more evenly balanced.