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     A match was played between the above clubs at Whitehaven, on Saturday last. The grasshoppers had the advantage in age and weight; but the school boys were too active for them.
     Immediately after the kick off, YEATES, the school full back, picked up the ball, and after a fine run, right across the ground, safely placed it behind the Grasshoppers goal. The try was not converted into a goal, and the same during the remainder of the first half was evenly contested, each side securing a goal.
     At the beginning of the second half, it seemed that the boys were worn out; but they pulled themselves together, and, by plucky, and really excellent play, increased their score by two goals and a try, against one try for their opponents.
     On the side of the school, CROMPTON, JOHNSTON, WYNDHAM, the two YEATES, and YOUNGHUSBAND showed good play, and WALKER and TAYLOR distinguished themselves on the other side.