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      Mr. THEXTON has received the following letter, relative to the recent visit to Workington of the choir and band from the Children's Home: -
     "Workington, October 18th, 1884, -
     Dear Sir, Allow me to thank you for the very prompt remittance of nearly £50 (after paying local expenses) which has resulted from our musical meetings in Workington on behalf of the Children's Home.
     We were greatly delighted with our visit. The interest in our children which was manifested on all hands; the large attendance at our concerts; the intelligent and kindly appreciation of the efforts of our young performers; and the sympathy with which my statements respecting our work were received, have all left upon my mind, a most pleasing impression of the  kindness with which prevail in your town.
     Nor can I forget the readiness with which our little travellers were entertained for  the night, nor the kindness shewn to them by their hosts.
     To Mr. RATTENBURY, Mr. DEIGHTON, Mr. PARKER, Mr. SCOTT, and other friends who were active in making arrangements, to Mr. CURWEN and Mr. VALENTINE who so kindly presided at our meetings; to the gentlemen who lent us their names and influence as patrons, our hearty thanks are due; and I beg you, who have undertaken so much labour in connection with the matter, to accept our hearty thanks, and to convey our sentiments to the other gentlemen.
 -I am, my dear sir, yours very truly, J. B. STEPHENSON.