At the Maryport Police Court yesterday, Friday, before R. RITSON, Esq., Dr. PEARSON, J. ADDISON, Esq., and J. RITSON, Esq., Joseph CORKINDALE, coalminer, Fothergill, was charged with trespassing on land belonging to Mrs. SENHOUSE, Netherhall, in pursuit of pheasants and partridges, on the 3rd of October.
     Mr. J. CLARKE, estate agent to Mrs. SENHOUSE, said that on Friday night, the 3rd of October, the gamekeeper, being from home, he went into Netherhall Park about half past eleven o'clock. He found defendant with three other men and two dogs. When the men saw the witness they ran away, leaving a net, bag, and ferret behind them. Witness followed defendant who, on being asked what he was doing there replied, "Nothing."
     He gave his name as James TIFFEN, 14, Collins Terrace. Witness found out that it was a false address. He went to defendant's house a fortnight afterwards, and there charged him with night poaching. One of the dogs that he had seen at the park was in the house.
     By the defendant: Could swear the dog in question was the same which defendant had in the park with him.
     Defendant: I am innocent of this crime. I think Mr. CLARKE has taken the law into his own hands. I never wore whiskers in my life.
     The Chairman: Mr. CLARKE never said you did.
     Defendant: Well, no - (laughter) ; but it's a whiskered man they want and not me. He cannot say he saw me.
     Mr. CLARKE: I have said so.
     Defendant: Then it's a lie.
     The Chairman: Do you wish to ask him any more questions?
     Defendant: It's no use asking a man like that any questions; but I's innocent.
     The Chairman: You were here three years ago on a similar charge.
     Defendant: Innocent! Innocent! But I pleaded guilty on the same day. He never saw me at all. I was not there. I was in bed at the time.
     The Clerk, (Mr. HOBSON): Do you wish the case to be tried now, or will you go for trial?
     Defendant: They can do what they like.
     (To the Bench): Put on what you think's reet. I am innocent, but I don't want any bother about it. I'm going to drop bothering with the dogs.
     Mr. HOBSON: Wise man -
     Defendant: I'll never have a dog in my company after this.
     A fine of 30s was imposed, with the alternative of 14 days imprisonment.