The miner's employed at the Ellenborough Colliery held a second meeting on Tuesday night to consider the course they should adopt in reference to the reduction in wages of which notice has been given at all the West Cumberland Collieries.
     One of the deputation appointed to meet Mr. GILMOUR reported that that gentleman had declined to meet the deputation. The reason given was that the men had broken their agreement to see him respecting any grievance they might have before they threw the pit idle.
     The company, however, were willing to withdraw the notice provided the same thing was done at other collieries in the district. A lively discussion ensued, and Mr. Andrew SHARP, miner's agent, addressed the meeting.
     Two propositions were then put forward - one being that the men should return to work, and a amendment that the men stand out for one or two days - and on being balloted for it was found that 47 had voted for each. The chairman gave his casting vote in favour of the motion.
     At an adjourned meeting held on Thursday evening - Mr. J. COULTHARD in the chair - one of the deputation to Mr. GILMOUR stated that They had had an interview, and asked Mr. GILMOUR to withdraw the notice for a fortnight, but he replied that he would have to stand by the Coalminer's Association, but if the rest of the masters withdrew the notice he would do so too.
     A long discussion ensued, and Mr. T. GRAHAM was appointed to represent the Grasslot miners at the conference of masters and, workmen to be held at Workington on Tuesday.