On Wednesday, the marriage of Mr. Charles Liddell WAUGH, of  Pontycymmere,
South Wales, second son of Mr. Edward Waugh, M. P., of The  Burrows, Papcastle,
Cockermouth, and Ada Mary, only daughter of Mr. I’ANSON, M.  D., Whitehaven,
was solemnised at St. Nicholas Church, Whitehaven. The church  was crowded. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. T. POLLOCK, B. A., vicar  of Brigham,
assisted by the Rev. C. B. S. GELLINGS, B. A., Vicar of St.  Nicholas,
Whitehaven, and the Rev. Canon DALTON, B. D., vicar of Holy Trinity  Church,
 The bride was given away by her father, whilst Mr. E. L. WAUGH,  brother to
the bridegroom, acted as best man. The bride’s dress was composed of  white
satin and brocade, with a long tulle veil fastened with pearl pins, the  gift of
her aunt, Miss. I’ANSON. The bride also wore a pearl and diamond broosh,  the
gift of the bridegroom, and was attended by the following ladies as her  
Miss. G. E. HELSOP, Church Oakley
Miss. Alice WAUGH, sister of the bridegroom
Miss. Lucy WELBY, cousin of the bride
Miss. Minnie MILLER, Morpeth
Miss. L. M. HELDER, Whitehaven
Miss. Florence BROCKBANK, Whitehaven
 Each of the bridesmaids wore apricot muslin and lace dresses trimmed  with
ruby velvet, ruby velvet trencher hats and brocaded satin fans, the gift of  
the bridegroom.
 During the service which was choral, the choir sang, “The voice which  
breathed o’er Eden,” and “The church’s one foundation.” At the conclusion of the  
service Canon DALTON addressed a few admonitory and congratulatory words to
the  newly married pair.
 The “Wedding March” was played by Mr. IRELAND as the party left the  
church, and flowers were scattered in the path of the bride by six of the  scholars
of her Sunday school class, whilst showers of rice were impartially  thrown at
every member of the wedding party.
 The guests included:
Mr. E. WAUGH, M. P.
Mr. E. L. WAUGH, Cockermouth
The Rev. J. T. And Mrs. POLLOCK, Brigham
Mr. And Mrs. F. HADWEN, Ripponden
Mr. RANDELL, Bridgend
Mr. Robertson WALKER, Gilgarron
Mr. CHURCHILL, Gosforth
Mr. FISHER, Distington Hall
Miss. I’ANSON, London
Mr. A. JACKSON, Hensingham House
Rev. Canon DALTON
Mr. J. Bateman WILSON
Mr. HELDER, Whitehaven
Dr. And Mrs. I’ANSON
Dr. Welby I’ANSON
 At three o’clock the bride and bridegroom started for Scotland, where  they
propose spending part of the honeymoon. The bride’s travelling dress  
consisted of a dark brown velvet and serge, with hat to correspond. The wedding  
presents which were numerous and handsome, numbering 133, included the  following:
General and Mrs. GOODLAKE - Carriage Clock
Mrs. Robertson WALKER - Gold and pearl necklet
Mr. GOODLAKE - Silver muffineer
Miss. I’ANSON - Set of pearl ornaments, screen, quilt.
 Mrs. Corise WEBSTER - China jar
Mrs. HOWE - Satin bonbonniere and china figures
Misses ATKINSON - Silver mounted butter dish
Miss. MURRAY - half a dozen silver teaspoons and sugar tings
Mr. And Mrs. T. JACKSON - Silver cream and sugar stand
Mrs. HARDING - Afternoon tea cloth
Mrs. FISHER - Embossed silver cream jug, sugar basin and tongs
Mr. FISHER - Four silver-gilt fruit spoons and sugar ladle.
Mr. And Mrs. T. JACKSON - Silver and glass salad bowl
Mr. And Mrs. W. J. DIXON - Gilt etargere
Mrs. HOLLIDAY - Fancy candlestick, Book of Devotions.
Mr. And Mrs. MURIEL - Two silver mounted crown Derby candlesticks.
Mrs. SPENCER - Two silver sauce ladles.
Miss. GIBSON - Crown Derby preserve jars in stand and revolving butter  dish.
Miss. JACKSON - Sofa cushion
Miss. MILLER - Glass flower basket, crystal water jug and goblets
Mr. And Mrs. J. DIXON - Walnut and Brass coal box
Miss. CHURCHILL - Silver claret jug.
Miss. May MURIEL - Embroidered side board cloth.
Miss. J. B. WILSON - Brass inkstand
Miss. And Miss. M. C. WILSON - Four silver salt cellars

Mr. W. H. And Mr. J. A. JACKSON - Dresden China Lamp
Mr. And Mrs. SOUTHERN - Pair of Silver candle sticks.
Miss. BUCKHAM - Walnut Book slide
Miss. LEAVENS - Lace antimacassar and banner screen
Mr. HELDER - Gold bracelet
Mrs. WHITE - White satin shoes.
Miss. Laura HELDER - Shoehorn with deer foot handle
Mr. And Mrs. BROCKBANK - Parcel, gilt sugar basin and cream jug, six  
teaspoons and sugar tongs.
Miss. BROCKBANK - Silver salad spoon and fork
The Servants - China basket cruet
Miss. WAUGH - Gipsy table, bracket, and fan
Miss. L. HELSOP - Hand painted milking stool, sideboard cloth and table  
Dr. And Mrs. WILSON - Four silver sailt cellars
Miss. And Mr. J. WILSON - Silver butter knife and preserve spoon.
Mrs. Ewing CURWEN - Gold brooch, set with diamonds, sapphires, and ruby and  
Mr. And Mrs. G. H. LIDDELL - Two Saxony china vases
Mr. M. E. MACKENZIE - Pair of gold bangles.
Miss. HELDER - Embroidered side board cloth.
Miss. ROBERTSON - Pair of nutcrackers and grape scissors.
Mr. And Mrs. HOULGATE - Two china plates
Miss. M. E. HOULGATE - Hand painted splasher and toilet mats.
Mr. BEHA - Roman ----? Ring
Mrs. B. MALCOLM - Afternoon tea set of Bellook China
Mrs. WELBY - Two silver fruit spoons
Mrs. T. C. DIXON - Gravy spoons and pickle stand
Miss. JOHNSON - Antimacassar
Mrs. FIDLER - Silver cake knife and fork
Misses. DAWSON - Worcester China breakfast cruet
Mrs. SHANNON - Lace Antimacassar, and hand painted pockets
Miss. F. BROCK, Hollinshead - Ornamental brass salver
Mrs. W. W. LUMB - Platinoid gong, in oak stand
Mr. And Mrs. HODGETTS - set of silver mounted carvers
Jane NULTY and Mary WALKER - Preserve dish
Dr. ABLETT - twelve pearl handled dessert knives and forks, silver soup  
ladle, pair of pickle forks
Miss. SMALLPIECE - Amber glass claret jug
Miss. FEARON - Dozen silver tea spoons
Miss. C. LUMB - Plush bracket with mirror
Mr. B. W. I’ANSON - Russian Leather despatch box
Mr. CHURCHILL - cake basket
Miss. CAMERON - China and silver egg stand
Miss. M. GILLESPIE - Limerick lace pocket handkerchief
Mrs. J. S. BALL - Harlequin afternoon tea set
Rev. J. T. And Mrs. POLLOCK - Inkstand and letter weight combined
Mr. And Mrs. J. C. BROWN - Pear crescent and diamond swallow brooch
Mrs. A. B. WERE - Toilet cushion
Miss. JEFFREY - Pearl handled silver sugar shovel
Mrs. P. FISHER - Oak and silver biscuit box
Mr. And Mrs. J. F. STANLEY - Four oak and silver salts
Miss. WELBY - Photo album
Mr. And Mrs. T. H. BROCKBANK - Pair of brass branch candlesticks
Miss. MUSGRAVE - Silver mustard pot.
Rev. J. F. And Mrs. WELSH - Silver cheese scoap and toast rack
Mr. William FLETCHER - Pair of brass sconces
Rev. J. And Mrs. MACARTHUR - Embossed brass tea caddy
Miss. EVE - hand painted white satin fan
Mrs. IRWIN - Engraved crystal jug.
Misses. BRINDLE - carved oak bookcase
Mr. And Misses. RAWSON - Platinoid gong, on oak stand.
Mr. And Mrs. R. RUSSELL - Crystal water jug and goblets
Mr. SPITTALL - pair of silver dinner napkin rings
Mrs. G. DARWELL - Silver mounted scent bottle
Sunday School Class - Two cut glass scent bottles, in plush stand
Mr. C. H. BLUNDELL - Olive wood inkstand
Mr. And Mrs. J. H. MACKENZIE - Oak and silver mustard pot and pair of knife  
Mr. G. HARDING - Ivory handled butter knife
Mr. And Mrs. F. HADWEN - Case of doxen silver fish knives and forks and  
Mrs. WATSON - Two silver entree dishes
Mr. And Mrs. J. RANDALL - Set of brass candle sticks, &c., for writing  table.
Mr. And Mrs. R. RANDALL - Pair of bronze equestrian
Mr. And Mrs. E. RANDALL - Silver tray, with spirit stand and biscuit  box
Mr. And Mrs. REED - Silver revolving breakfast dish
Mrs. H. FLETCHER - An afternoon tea cloth
Mr. And Mrs. DEES - Dozen fish knives and forks
Miss. Bertha DEES - Handsome terra cotta plaque, in plush frame.
Miss. K. HELDER - Hand painted satin mantle border
Mr. And Mrs. J. WRIGHT - Platinoid gong, oak stand
Mr. WALKER - Carriage clock
Mr. F. L. I’ANSON - Half a dozen apostle teaspoons
Mr. And Mrs. WORDEN - Silver and glass card basket
Mr. HOOD - Silver mounted dressing case
Canon DALTON - Silver and china cream and sugar stand
Canon and Misses HELSOP - Silver mustard pot
Rev. J. And Mrs. HEWITSON - Ornamental brass salver
Mrs. COLLINS - Embroidered afternoon tea cloth
Mrs. BOND - Mantel border
Mrs. PIM - Silver and enamel brooch
Mr. KITCHEN - Flask of eau de cologne
“Australians” - Silver mounted writing materials.
Misses. H. And T. NICHOLSON - Macrame lace mantel, border and bracket
Mr. E. L. WAUGH - Silver mounted dressing bag
Mr. And Mrs. REYNOLDS - silver butter dish
Dr. W. I’ANSON - Silver fruit dish, with crteam stand, oak and silver  tray
Mr. W. W. THOMAS - Pair of silver dinner napkin rings
Miss. Gertrude WRIGHT - Macrame lace bracket
Miss. THOMLINSOM - Set of toilet mats
Mr. And Mrs. J. G. THOMAS - Silver gilt tobacco jar
Mr. And Mrs. TIPLADY - Brass kettle
The Servants (42, Grosvenor Place, London) Marble clock.
Messrs. J. WHITTLE & Son - Ornamental brass plaques.
Four Servants (The Burroughs) - Silver salt cellars and spoons
The Superintendents, Teachers and Miss. I’ANSON’s class at St. Nicholas’s  
Sunday School - Polygot Bible.
Mr. J. H. ROBINSON - Gold Brooch set with pearls
Mr. BENTINCK - Florentine mirror
Mr. And Mrs. FELDTMANN - Silver spoon warmer
Mr. And Mrs. J. R. WILSON - Punch ladle.
&c., &c.