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    The proposal to convert Flimby Lodge  into tramp wards for the towns of
Workington and Maryport, is one that does not  find any support amongst the
ratepayers of Workington.
    Flimby Lodge is nearly 4 1/2 miles from  Workington, and it is held that
tramps, after receiving their relief tickets at  Workington, would not be
found willing to undertake the journey to Flimby,  especially in winter time.
    Women and children could hardly be  expected to do so. A proposal much
more in favour is the erection of tramp wards  near the town, or the conversion
of the old Workington Poor House for that  purpose.
    A suggestion to remove the children from  Cockermouth Workhouse to Flimby
Lodge is favourably entertained: but a strong  opposition is being set up to
the tramp ward proposal.