Continuing the anniversary proceedings  of the John Street Presbyterian
Church, the preliminaries of which are reported  in our Wednesday issue. A
public tea meeting was held on Tuesday evening in  the Co-operative Hall, Curzon
    About 170 persons were present. At a  later hour the Rev. R. MACNAIR, of
Alnwick, gave a lecture, entitled "A personal  narrative of travel in Sicily
and Souther Italy.
    The Rev. D. EADES presided. Addresses  were also given during the evening
by the Rev. H. C. BAILEY, Rev. T. DOUGLAS,  Rev. J. BUNTING and the Rev. J.
    Mr. BROWN's choir sang some pleasant  anthems. Mr. G. TICKLE was at the
harmonium. On the motion of Mr. C. EAGLEFIELD,  jun., , seconded by  Mr. EDGAR,
a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the  lecturer, ladies and choir.
    The mission conducted by the Rev. J. E.  LINNELL, vicar of Pavenham,
Bedfordshire, having been highly successful, it was  decided to continue it for
two days longer than was at first arranged, and it  was not concludud till
Wednesday afternoon.
    Meetings for men only were held on  Saturday in each of the churches, and
were largely attended by devout  congregations. On Sunday the Mission
services in St. Mary's Church caused an  unusually large number of worshippers to
assemble, and the earnest addresses of  Mr. LINNELL were much appreciated.
    We are informed that great good has been  wrought by the special efforts
which have been put forth. As a result of the  mission a series of working
man's services have been arranged.