A respectable looking girl entered the witness box at the Thames Police Court, on Wednesday morning, and, addressing the magistrate said:
     "If you please your worship, can you help me? About a fortnight ago I was married to a young man. After we had been married a few days he was taken into custody, and has just been sentenced to ten years penal servitude and seven years police supervision.
     In consequence of this I want you to give me an order, so that I shall not be obliged to live with him anymore. I should not have married him at all if I had had any idea what kind of man he was.
     Mr. BIRON: But, my good girl, you say he has just been sent to prison for ten years.
     Applicant: Yes, sir; but its when he comes out that I am thinking about.
     Mr. BIRON: Why, you may both be dead before his sentence expires. At any rate, I cannot do anything for you.
     The applicant retired, evidently much disappointed, muttering to herself that she thought she could have got a divorce.