Yesterday, (Friday), at the Maryport Petty Sessions, the following persons were charged with letting off fireworks on Public Streets in Maryport:
 Edward SHAW, aged 14, shoemaker's apprentice, Grasslot.
 John HENNEY, 15, carter, Maryport
 Stephen LITTLE, 12
 Robert COLMAN, 15, joiner's apprentice
 Wm. DUGGAN, 14, pit boy
 Richard MINSHAW, 12,
 Ralph BAYLIFF, 10
 Frederick LITTLE, 12, hairdresser's apprentice
 William BYERS, iron monger's apprentice, Netherton

     The cases having been proved, the chairman remarked on the nuisance which the practice had become. They frightened horses and threw the "squibs" under ladies' feet. This was most reprehensible, and must be stopped.
     The defendants had rendered themselves liable to a penalty of £5 each, but on promising not to repeat the offence they would be let off on paying the costs, 5s each.
     Inspector GRISDALE said there was only one place in the town where the fireworks were sold. The bigger lads sent in the small boys to purchase the squibs and crackers. The Chairman said the nuisance must be stopped, as there were numerous complaints in the town and neighbourhood.