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    To the Editor of the West Cumberland Times.
    Sir, - I have read in your paper of Wednesday last,  that somebody at
Whitehaven, purporting to be, "your reporter" there, has  telegraphed to you that
"at the conclusion of the meeting (on Tuesday evening  last) a large crowd
accompanied Mr. BENTINCK and his friends to the Castle,  hooting them on the
way." Allow me to say there is no truth in this story, and  no foundation
whatever for it. - I have the honour to be, sir, your obedient  servant,
George Cavendish BENTINCK
House of Commons
October 23rd, 1884.
    To the Editor of the West Cumberland Times.
Sir, - I am afraid Mr. John TODHUNTER's memory is treacherous, for in  
addition to a letter written by him he also signed a memorial to the local  
Government Board, containing (amongst others) the following statement: -
    "We have unfortunately had three different medical  officers of heath in
this district within the last ten years. The first two  proposed certain
improvements in the shape of drainage and otherwise, which were  willingly carried
out to their satisfaction. The third, and in our opinion not  the most able to
judge, proposes sewering."
    My remarks were founded on the above statement, and  I do not think Mr.
TODHUNTER will sign memorials without first reading them.  -
Yours Truly,
Overend House
Oct. 13rd, 1884