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    On Tuesday, in the National School, the  Attendance Officer submitted the
names of a number of children to the local  committee to investigate the
facts of their neglecting school. Mr. FISHER  presided, and in his preliminary
observations, congratulated the school master,  not only on continuance of the
additional  Government grant to the school,  but also on the considerable
advance in the amount of the grant. He would also  take the opportunity of saying -
as Mr. BACKHOUSE, their guardian, and Mr.  PICKERING, a fresh colleague, were
present - that the yearly report respecting  discipline and progress in the
school was highly satisfactory. The  diligence and ability both of Mr. TURVER as
master, and Miss. SIMPSON as  mistress, contributed to the inspector's
    Throughout  the subsequent business  there was discernable evidence on
behalf  of a section of defaulters that  they would be more obliging and
respectful. Four of them were for the first time  charged by the officer for neglect,
and got off cheap. In one case, which was a  cause of much sympathy, urgent
home duties fell in for a share of credit, whilst  the statements of others
required the administration of a caution, and some  cases remain for the central
committee to dispose of, amongst them one in which  the delinquent never
    Before the proceedings closed the  Schoolmaster desired to express a few
sentiments saying that important  engagements, which required personal
attention, had prevented him of late of  attending with that regularity he could have
desired, so he would embrace the  opportunity of thanking the Local Committee
for their unity and careful  consideration in different cases under different
circumstances. He was a family  man himself, and could both coincide and
sympathize  with the suggestions  and recommendations agreed upon, and had every
confidence in the result of their  deliberations, still regretting that the
school did not compare favourably, as  to punctual attendance with other schools,
but was glad to say improvement was  observable.
    After the Chairman had gratefully  acknowledged the Schoolmaster's
remarks, which he considered a compliment, the  meeting terminated.