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    The waters have been in moderate order  for anglers, and the fishermen
have met with a pretty fair share of luck. A  salmon weighing 25 1/2 lbs was
caught by Mr. D. ROOKE. Mr. John DENWOOD took  three which weighed 20, 19 and 17
lbs each. Mr. J. FLEMING also secured two fine  fish.
    The best of the lot however, was caught  yesterday, (Friday) morning by
Mr. G. P. GRAHAM, fishing tackle maker, Station  Street. It is a splendid fish
of 41 lbs. weight, and measures 47 1/2 inches in  length. It is in capital
condition. The fish may be seen at Mr. GRAHAM's  shop.
    The external appearance of this church  has been greatly improved by the
restoration of the pinnacles and finials which  were blown off by last years
winter gales.
    The work of restoration was entrusted to  Mr. BORROWSCALE, and in its
execution much difficulty and great dangers were  involved in consequence of the
height and otherwise awkward nature of the place  to be treated.  
    The services of Mr. LISTER, masons,  Cockermouth, were secured, and they
seem to have made a good and permanent job  of the work.