"LOOK HERE!" - Numerous, indeed, are the stratagems not unfrequently
resorted to by our shopkeepers, as an incentive to induce the public to become
purchasers of their wares; but all others are completely cast  in the shade
and out-done by the following, viz.:-"Look Here! Selling off cheap!! Off to the
diggings!!! Three Cheers for Australia; hurrah! hurrah!! Hurrah!!!" This is to
be seen at the establishment of a woollen draper, somewhere in Queen-street,
in this town; and the proprietor, who is considered a bit of a wag, has had
his window inlaid with huge placards containing the above "draw" in large and
striking characters. The consequence is that the bills have been instrumental in
"drawing" numerous spectators to his shop, and caused many an out-burst of
laughter, in which our worthy "knight of the thimble" joins heartily. His answer
to all enquiries is that the upper part of the bill only applies to him,
viz.:- "Look here! Selling off Cheap!!" the other part he explains by telling his
querists that Mr. So-and-So will be going to Australia next week!