Highly Important 21st Annual Sale of Valuable Coach and Riding and Driving

At the Salutation Hotel, Ambleside, Windermere,
On Monday, September 28th, 1903

Messrs MITCHELL are honoured with instructions from Mr T. TAYLOR to Sell by
Auction as above.....
[details omitted]
N.B. - Conveyances will meet the morning Trains at Windermere, and steamers
at Waterhead, Ambleside.
Intending Purchasers also as usual will be conveyed from Keswick, on arrival
of the early morning trains, if the Auctioneers receive due intimation.
Sale at Twelve o'clock. Terms - Cash

Swinside, Kinniside

Messrs MITCHELL are favoured with instructions from Messrs I. and D SHEPHERD
to Sell by Auction, on Wednesday, September 30th, 1903, as above, Their Entire
Flock of .....
[details omitted]

At the conclusion of the above will be Sold the property of Mr Joseph
BATEMAN, Catta, Kinniside ....
[details omitted]

Sale at 1 o'clock prompt. Agricultural Hall, Cockermouth

Dwelling-house, Fern Bank, Cockermouth, for Sale.

To be Sold by Public Auction, by Messrs R. & J.R. MITCHELL, at the
Agricultural Hall, Cockermouth, on Monday, the 12th day of October, 1903, at 2 p.m.

All that 3-storied Messuage or Dwelling-house situate at Fern Bank,
Cockermouth, fronting into Park Avenue and Double Mills Road, with Out-offices and
Garden thereto belonging.

The House, which contains Kitchen, 3 Sitting Rooms, 5 Bed Rooms, Bath Room
Lavatory and w.c., is in thorough condition and repair, having been occupied by
the later owner, Mr Chas. BROWN and his Family since its erection about the
year 1881. It is in a lofty situation, adjoins and overlooks the Park, also the
Valley of the Derwent, commands fine Mountain Scenery, and is within three
minutes walk of the Railway Station.
Hayton, Simpson & Fisher, Solicitors, Cockermouth

Messrs MITCHELL have great pleasure in announcing the following Highly
Important Sales, etc. etc.,
[I am only giving those with names/addresses]

Monday, September 28th, The Twenty-first Annual Important Sale of coach,
Carriage, Brougham, Hackney, 'Bus, and useful Agricultural Horses, at the
Salutation and Queen's Hotels, Ambleside, for Mr Thomas TAYLOR.

Wednesday, September 30th, ...sheep... for Messrs I. And D. SHEPHERD,
Swinside Farm, Kinniside.

Wednesday, september 30th, Sale of Herdwick Sheep for Mr Joseph BATEMAN,
Catta, Kinniside.

Saturday, October 3rd, Valuable Prize Herdwick Sheep for J.R. WATSON, Esq.,
on the Fair Ground, Keswick.

Monday, October 5th, Land situate at Brigham and Great Broughton, late the
property of Miss Grace ATKINSON, deceased ......
Monday, October 5th, ... sheep off Thwaites Allotment, for Messrs IREDALE,
Thackthwaite. .....

Monday, October 12th, All that Desirable Dwelling-house, situate at Fern
Bank, Cockermouth, and lately occupied by Mrs Charles BROWN, deceased.....

Monday, October 26th, The Uldale Hall Estates for the Executors of the late

Thursday, October 29th, Valuable Household Furniture and Appointments of late
Mrs Charles BROWN, Fern Bank, Cockermouth, and a select few .....

Wednesday, November 4th, Valuable Farming Stock, Crop, Implements, etc., the
property of Executors of late Mrs FOTHERGILL, Uldale Hall.

Friday, November 6th, Important Sale of Modern and Antique Household
Furniture and Effects at Uldale Hall, for Executors of late Mrs FOTHERGILL.

Date not fixed, Valuable Freehold Dwelling-Houses, Blacksmith's Shop, Gardens
and Building Ground, situate at Great Clifton, near Workington ....

Growing Potatoes For Sale At Crookdake Hall

Mr B. WILLIAMSON will Sell by Auction on the Premises, as above, on Saturday,
September 26th, 1903, about 5 acres of Growing Potatoes, principally
"Up-to-Dates," growing in a field close to Leegate Station............

Valuable Property at Wigton, Quarry Hill, Near Wigton, and Caldbeck for Sale.

To be Sold by Auction, in the Estate Sale Room, Wigton, on Tuesday, the 22nd
day of September 1903, at 4-30 o'clock in the Afternoon, by Mr William HOPE,
Auctioneer, in the following or such other Lots as may then be determined

Lot 1. - All those Two Freehold Fields situate at Station Hill, Wigton,
numbered on the Ordnance Survey Plan 408 and 409, and containing 5a. 2r. 16p., and
now in the occupation of Mr W. HOPE. This Land adjoins the Main Road, is
close to the Railway Station, and forms one of the most attractive Building Sites
around Wigton.

Lot 2. - All that Freehold Field situate at Station Hill, Wigton, near to the
Cemetery, numbered on the Ordnance Survey Map 455, and containing 5a. 0r.
8p., and now in the occupation of Messrs J. & T. HARTLEY. This Land also adjoins
the Main Road, and is a capital Building Site.

Lot 3. - An Excellent Freehold Garden, situate in "Black Swan" Lane, Wigton,
containing Dwelling House and suitable Farm Buildings, Garden and Orchard, and
several Closes of Land, containing in the whole 11a. 3r. 17p., now in the
occupation of Mr Joseph HILL. This is a most desirable little Estate. It is
bounded on one side by the river Wiza, and there is a Quarry of Valuable Red
Freestone on the property that has been very little worked.

Lot 5.- A Freehold and Customary Estate, called "The Flatt," near to
Caldbeck, containing 28a. 3r. 26p., now in the occupation of Mr Thomas TEASDALE.
About 8¼a. of this Lot is Customary of the Manor of Caldbeck Upton, and pays a
yearly rent of 1s 11d, and a fixed fine of 19s 2d on death of Lord or change of
tenant. The Tithe Rent Charge amounts to about 23s per annum.

The Tenants of the respective Properties will show the same, and further
particulars may be known on application to the Auctioneer; Messrs HELLARD & SON,
Solicitors, Portsmouth; or to Joseph H. GIBSON, Solicitor, Wigton and

Growing Potatoes for Sale ..... the property of Mr Thomas RICHARDSON....
W. HOPE, Auctioneer, 43, High Street, Wigton.

Mr William HOPE, auctioneer, Wigton will conduct the following Sales, etc.

Tuesday, September 22nd, Important Sale of Property at Hope's Estate Sale
Room, Wigton, consisting of Three Fields at Station Hill, Wigton; Large Garden in
Meeting House Lane, Wigton; Small Estate at Quarry Hill, near Wigton,
occupied by Mr Joseph HILL; 28 acres of Valuable Grazing Lane at Flatt, Caldbeck,
occupied by Mr T. TEASDALE, by order of Executors of Messrs STEWART and STRONG,

Tuesday, September 22nd, Sale of Growing Potatoes at Wreay, Wigton, for Mr T.

Thursday, September 24th, Sale of Hurdles, Posts, Rails, etc., on the
Agricultural Show Ground, Ireby, for Mr J. ROUTLEDGE.

Friday, September 25th, Sale of Household Furniture, Bar Utensils, etc., at
Crown and Anchor Inn, Rosley, the property of Mr MILLER.

43, High Street, Wigton

Annual Sale of Hurdles, Railing, Posts, etc.

Messrs MUMBERSON are instructed by Mr John MARTIN, to conduct his Annual
Sale, on the Show Ground, Fitz Park, Keswick ...........

Furniture for Sale in the Market Place, Cockermouth

Mr I BARNES will Sell by Auction ......................

Isaac BARNES will conduct the following Engagements [sales]

Royal Oak, Queen's, Skiddaw, and Blencathra Hotels' Posting Establishments,

Close of the Posting Season

First Annual Sale
Monday, 28th September, 1903
(Two Days previous to Brough Hill Fair)

Messrs THORNBORROW & CO. (in conjunction with Mr Joseph MAYSON) will Sell by
Auction in the George Hotel Yard, Keswick, the property of Mr T. TAYLOR
49 Horses, suitable for Saddle or Harness purposes, and Two 2½h.p. Crossley's
Gas Engines.
[details of horses]
The Auction Offices: St. Andrew's Churchyard, Penrith; and 16, Main Street,

Desirable Freehold Dwelling-house and premises, in Camp Road, Maryport,
Maryport Harbour Mortgage, and Shares in the Maryport Public Building Co., for

To be Sold by Public Auction at the Central Hall, Crosby Street, Maryport, on
Wednesday, the 7th day of October, 1903, at 6 o'clock in the evening, in the
following Lots:-

Lot 1. - All that Valuable Freehold Dwelling House, with the Yard,
Conservatory, and Outoffices belonging therefor, situate on the North-west side of Camp
Road, Maryport, aforesaid, containing in front 25 feet 6 inches or
thereabouts, and extending backwards 98 feet or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of
Mr John SAMUEL as tenant. Apportioned annual ground rent £3 12s 3d.

Lot 2. - Maryport Harbour Mortgage for £271 5s 5d, interest 4 [½ or ¼] per
cent, Class 5.

Lot 3. - 3 £2 Shares in the Maryport Public Building Co.

Conditions will be produced at the Sale, and further particulars may be
obtained in the meantime on application to Messrs TYSON and HOBSON, Solicitors,
Maryport; or the Auctioneers, Joseph KENDALL & SON.
Maryport, 18th Sept., 1903

[Notice that Messrs MITCHELL, Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents,
Agricultural Hall, Cockermouth, have opened a Branch Office in Bridge Street,
Workington, etc.]

[Last Column - right-hand edge of page a bit frayed so some words may be
misread or missing]

Freehold Farm and Lands called "Moor End," in the Parish of Irton,
Cumberland, For Sale.

To be sold by Public Auction, by Mr A. BROCKLEBANK, at the Victoria Hotel,
Drigg, on Tuesday, the 22nd day of September, 1903, at Four o'clock in the

All that Valuable Freehold Farm called "Moor End," situate in the Parish of
Irton, in the County of Cumberland, consisting of an excellent Dwelling-house,
with suitable Farm Buildings and Garden, and the following Closes of Lane:-
[details of land given]
Tenant, Mr William WILSON
The Farm is situate within Three miles from Drigg Station, on the Furness
Railway, and about Five Miles from Seascale, and commands a magnificent view of
Mountain Scenery.
........John NELSON, 45, Main Street, Egremont

Freehold Dwelling-houses at Greystone Terrace, Wath Brow

For Sale by Auction, on Wednesday, the 23rd September inst., at the Cocoa
Rooms, Cleator Moor, at 7-30 p.m. punctually, by Mr Abraham SOUTH WARD,
Auctioneer (in one or two Lots), all those Two Freehold Dwelling Houses and Premises,
Numbers 6 and 7 Greystone Terrace, Wath Brow, Cleator, now in the occupation of
the Rev. W. NEWTON and Mr Thomas WATSON as tenants.
[details of properties]
...Vendor's Solicitors, Howson, Dickinson, and Nanson, 143, Queen Street,

Freehold House, Shop and Premises as Asby for Sale.
To be Sold by Auction at the Black Cock Inn, Asby, in the country of
Cumberland, on Tuesday, the 29th September, 1903, at 6-30 o'clock in the Evening, by
Mr Joseph JACKSON, Auctioneer.
All that Freehold Dwelling-House and Shop, with the Piece of Building Ground
adjoining, situate at Asby aforesaid, formerly in the occupation of Mrs PARKER
and lately of Mrs FAULDS.
.................Vendor's Solicitors, Howson, Dickinson & Nanson, Whitehaven.

Ireby Agricultural Show .......September 24th ...property of Mr ROUTLEDGE

Mumberson and Son will conduct the following sales [only those with names

Wednesday, September 30th, Household Furniture and Effects of Late Mrs Henry
WOOD, Keswick.

Wednesday, September 30th, Household Furniture, Piano, etc., of Mrs ROBINSON,
who is leaving Keswick.

Wednesday, October 7th, ...[sheep]...from Ullock Farm, occupied by Mr

In October, All that Semi-Detached Villa Residence known as Palace Hill,
Cockermouth, in occupation of Mr John NORMAN.

In October ..[sheep and cattle] ...... of John TWENTYMAN, Esq.

At an early date, Building Land in Eskin Street, Keswick.

Friday, January 8th, Farming Stock, etc., of Mr William STEEL, Dubb Mill,

Wednesday, January 13th, Farming Stock, etc., of Mr Rob. DOWTHWAITE, High
Side, Embleton.

Market Hall, Wigton.

Valuable Household Furniture, Pianoforte, Acetylene Gas Plant, Motor Cycle,
etc., For Sale.

William CLARKE has received instructions from Mr W.H. GREEN, Blue Bell Hotel,
Wigton, who is leaving the district, to Sell by Auction, in the above-named
Hall, on Thursday, Sept. 24th, 1903, the whole of his valuable Household
Furniture and Effects.

Mr Joseph OSBORN has much pleasure in announcing his engagements:-

Date not fixed, Cottage Property at Allonby, for Mr Charles MURRAY

January 6th, Deplenishing Sale at Crookhurst, Allonby, for Mr A. METCALFE,
who is going abroad.

January, Date not fixed, Stock, Crop, etc., of Mr T.P. COOK [or could be
CORK], Mawbray, Allonby.


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