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Clara DIXON (42), married, no fixed abode, was brought up before the Bench at
Workington on Wednesday, on a charge of obtaining the sum of 2s. 2d from
Selina THOMPSON, married woman, Workington, on September 11th; also with stealing
a child's dress and pinafore from Harry HOWSON, steelworker, 60, Senhouse
Street, on the same date.

Supt. CHEESMAN stated that prisoner went to Mrs THOMPSON's house, and asked
if she would by any coals, as she had some at the station which her mother had
sent her from Barrow. Mrs THOMPSON gave prisoner 2s 2d to pay the carriage,
and agreed to pay the balance on delivery. Mrs THOMPSON made inquiries, and
found that there were no coals. She gave information to the police, and
prisoner was apprehended at Whitehaven.

Frederick DICKENS, a London and North-Western clerk, said that they knew
nothing about any coals for the prisoner.

Sergt. ARMSTRONG deposed that he took prisoner into custody from Whitehaven.
She admitted being guilty, and said the money would have been returned.

Prisoner cross-examined Mrs THOMPSON, and an animated encounter took place,
which ended in witness shaking her finger reprovingly at prisoner, to the
intense delight of the Court.

Mrs HOWSON, wife of H HOWSON, said that she had had the property shown in
court hanging in the lane. She missed it about five o'clock.

Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, Udale Street, stated that prisoner offered the goods to
her for sale. Witness gave her 1s for them. Prisoner told her that she
wanted money because her husband was out of work.

Prisoner: Don't tell an untruth, missus.

P.C. 117 said that he had made inquiries about the goods. Witness told him
that she had bought them off prisoner, who told her a woman have given her them
to sell.

Have you any witnesses? queried the Bench. - "How can I get any?" wailed
prisoner; "I've been locked up all the week."

Supt. CHEESMAN stated that prisoner belonged to Bolton, and had been
convicted for a similar offence at Cumnock.

The first case was dismissed. On the second count sentence of two months was