The members of this Council met in the Schoolroom on Tuesday evening. There
were present: - Messrs J. RAWLING (chairman), Thomas PONSONBY, James
WILLIAMSON, John BIRKETT, John SHEPHERD, and G. CAMPBELL; with the assistant-overseer

The draft of the final order, proposed to be made by the Board of Education,
as to the method of electing four foundation managers, was discussed at great
length. - Ultimately Mr James WILLIAMSON proposed, and Mr SHEPHERD seconded,
"That clause 2 of the first schedule read as follows: On and after the
expiration of the said period, the foundation managers shall (subject as hereinafter
provided) consist of one ex-officio manager and three representative
managers," and also that clause 4, which states that the "nominated manager" shall be a
person appointed from time to time by the nominating body, or persons who
are, in the case of Ennerdale School, the officiating clergyman and the
churchwardens, shall be cancelled. if these suggestions are approved by the Board of
Education, there will be no nominated manager, but three representative
managers in place of two representative managers. - The question of "qualified
subscribers" was also lengthily discussed. Many in this parish who have paid the
voluntary rate, levied to keep up the funds of the school, are, according to
this draft, disqualified from voting, because their rate was in amount less than
2s 6d. - This was considered an injustice, and consequently Mr PONSONBY moved,
and Mr RAWLING seconded, that the Board of Education be "asked to alter the
clause to read 'Qualified subscribers shall mean persons who have voluntarily
contributed to the funds of the schools'; or persons who have voluntarily
contributed to the funds of the school not less than five pounds in one sum; or
societies or other bodies who have voluntarily contributed to the funds of the
school not less than ten pounds in one sum." - The two resolutions were carried

The clerk was asked to write to the District Council, drawing that body's
attention to the letter which was sent from this Council six months ago, and
which has not yet been answered. - It was also decided to inquire why no one had
been appointed to represent this parish on the District Council and Board of
Guardians, in the place of Mr. J.C. BROWN, resigned.

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[The first letter is headed CHURCH SERVICES, and written by NEMO in response
to one by "J.R." - an ongoing correspondence currently concerning prayers with
and without music.]

[The second letter is headed KESWICK SCHOOL and is unsigned. The writer
expresses his concern that the Headmaster, Mr. GRANT, appears to consider the
religious state of his pupils of more concern than their education. This was
apparently expressed in a sermon by Mr. GRANT the previous year and the letter
writer expresses surprise that there has been no comment in the paper about this,
with reference made to clause 65 that no pupil is compelled to attend
religious instruction, etc.}