The first meeting of this Authority was held in the Infant Schoolroom at
Allhallows on Thursday evening. The four foundation managers present were the Rev
J WORDSWORTH, Sir W LAWSON (Brayton Hall), Messrs W PARKIN-MOORE, and J J
MITCHELL, with Mr John WALKER, appointed by the Parish Council, and Mr George
MORTON by the County Council. - Before opening the proceedings Mr WORDSWORTH said
he had been asked by Mr TATE, the local reporter for the "West Cumberland
Times", to inform him when the meeting was going to be held, and, as things had
materially altered in their school management, he did so, and he saw there were

It was for the meeting to say if they wished the proceedings to be made
public or not. He left the matter in the hands of the members.
- Sir Wilfrid LAWSON: I am perfectly willing.
- Mr PARKIN-MOORE: I don't know. - Sir Wilfrid: It is public business, and
they report School Board meetings. - The Chairman: Yes, they report School
Board meetings. - Mr MOORE expressed the opinion that the reporters should not
remain. He did not see the use of having such things put in the papers. When
reporters were present one never knew what would be reported. - Mr MITCHELL
concurred very heartily with Mr MOORE. He thought reporters might be present at
some meetings such as quarterly meetings, but at that meeting they might say
something they would not like to have reported. - Sir Wilfrid: Oh, are you
going to say something very bad? (Great laughter.) - Mr WALKER said he was only
a new hand, but, as far as he was concerned,

He did not care. - Mr MORTON came in at this point, and the position of
affairs was explained to him by the Chairman. - Mr MITCHELL finally proposed that
they do not admit reporters until the matter be considered further, and until
they could see what other Authorities were going to do. - Mr MOORE seconded
this. - Messrs MOORE, MITCHELL, and MORTON voted for the motion, and Sir
Wilfrid LAWSON against. The Chairman and Mr WALKER remained neutral. - The Chairman
then asked the reporters kindly to retire. as they were doing so Mr MOORE
said that nothing should be reported as far as the business had gone. - Mr TATE:
- Yes, sir. It will be reported. I asked the chairman to let me know when
the meeting would be held, and he kindly did so. We came at the time, and sat
until we were asked to retire. We have a right to report what has taken place
until asked to leave. Besides, the business you are going to do now is
business the public has to pay for, and they have a right to know about it; but you
can please yourselves whether you allow us to remain or not.
- The reporters then left the meeting.