The weekly meeting of the Beacon Light Juvenile Temple was held on Wednesday
evening, Sister M. BRIGGS, chief templar, presiding. One candidate was
initiated. After the ordinary business had been gone through, Bro FIDLER, acting
as superintendent, gave a course of instruction on the lessons upon which the
National competitive examination will be based, followed by Bro FAWCETT with a
nice address on "Mercy and Truth."

The meeting of the Beacon adult Lodge followed, and was presided over by Br
FAWCETT. The Sisters Committee had on view a nice selection of "Sceot Satchels"
which they had made for the great Alliance bazaar to be held in Manchester
next month. The brothers of the lodge pay for the material used and the sisters
give the labour - a pretty combination of talents. The item on "Good of the
Order programme" was "How I became a Good Templar." Several of the members
gave most interesting account of how they became members, personal influence on
the part of mutual friends being the first step in most cases. Most of those
present were young in the service of the Order, the older members of this
Lodge being absent for varied reasons. Bro FIDLER had the most years to his
credit, viz, 26 and Bro BRIGGS the least - two years. The aggregate membership of
those present reached 75 years. One of the absent members has 32 years of
regular membership to her credit, and others from ten to twenty years. A very
pleasant evening.


The weekly session of this lodge, held on Tuesday night, was a continuance of
the enthusiastic meetings which have for so long characterised their session.
Excellently attended, splendidly conducted, interesting, and instructive
sessions have made this lodge one of the best in the North of England. Ten new
members were initiated on Tuesday night by Bro W G TAYLOR, deputy C.T. A vote
of deepest sympathy was passed to the parents of the late Bro D DIXON
(Bridgefoot), who had just passed away after a long illness following on a painful
accident in the pit. For the good of the Order Bro DAWSON favoured the lodge
with several excellent selections on the phonograph, Bro G FERGUSON obliged with
a song, and Bro THOMAS gave several interesting examples of his power of
mesmerism. Votes of thanks were accorded to these brothers, on the motion of Bro
Dr FLETCHER. Next week will be an open session, when the Rev F RICHARDSON is
expected to be present.


The Bright Star Juvenile Temple held their usual weekly meeting in the
Presbyterian Sunday School, Church Road, on Thursday evening when after transacting
lodge business an excellent programme was submitted, the sisters being
responsible. The following took part: - Sisters J. JAMES, M. IRWIN, J. SEEDS, May
WILKINSON, A CHESTER, L. PENRICE, H.J. TOLSON, superintendent; and Sister L. IRWIN,
secretary. The Bright Prospect adult lodge held their meeting at the conclusion
of the Juvenile tent, and Bro ELLISON, C.T., initiated three new members.


There was a good attendance at the weekly session of the Parton Jubilee Lodge
held in the Boys' School on Tuesday night. The visiting deputy, Bro WALKER
of the "Peace and Unity" Lodge, Workington, paid his quarterly visit, and
brought with him a good company of visitors, who gave an excellent evening's
entertainment. Bro J BIRD, acting chief templar, conducted the opening proceedings
and then vacated the chair in favour of Bro WALKER. Bro HOULDERSHAW delivered
a most encouraging address, and also conveyed greetings from the "Rescue"
Lodge, Workington. Bro BIRD moved a vote of thanks to Mr HOULDERSHAW, and
requested him to return greetings from the Parton Jubilee. This was seconded by Bro
BROWN and carried with applause. There were four candidates for membership
proposed. For the good of the order the following programme was excellently

Song - The Bay of Biscay - Bro A GALE
Reading - Adventure with an owl - Bro A WOOD
Song - I know not what awaits me - Sister PELLOW
Reading - The Templar's Test - Bro E WALKER
Duet - Fire! Fire! (encore) - Bro and Sister GALE
Song - Deal Old Home - Bro C PELLOW
Song - Treat your brother kindly (encore) - Winkles - Bro W WATKISS
Reading - Bashful - Bro A WOOD
Song - Genevieve - Bro E PELLOW
Song - Pass away - Sister GALE

On the motion of Bro BIRD, seconded by Bro BROWN, a hearty vote of thanks was
accorded Bro WALKER and company. The lodge was interested to know that Bro E
PELLOW, had only recently come from Cambourne, Cornwall.


The members of the juvenile temple had a pleasant variation from the usual
meeting on Wednesday evening, as the members of the Executive Committee and
friends had kindly provided a tea for the children. At five p.m. about 50
children gathered at the hall and partook freely of the many good things furnished.
After tea the children indulged in various games until seven o'clock, when
they dispersed. During the evening Sister IREDALE presented each child with a
bag of sweets, kindly provided by Bro Councillor IREDALE. The children seemed
to enjoy themselves immensely, and on leaving the room were presented with
handfuls of nuts. Sisters WOOD, IREDALE, GALE, HARDY, LAMONT, and KENNEDY and
Bros OSTLE and WAITE were in charge of the children, and they discharged their
responsibilities well, entering heartily in the various games. At seven o'clock
the children reluctantly dispersed, all declaring that they had rarely spent
so enjoyable an evening.


The weekly session of this lodge was held in the Temperance Hall, Dearham, on
Wednesday evening, Bro. JOHNSTON, chief templar, presiding. It was decided
that a week's mission be held amongst the children, and that the officers be
responsible for preparation. The programme for the evening consisted of a paper
by the P.C.T., Bro. R. LITT, on "William Wilberforce." This proved to be a
very interesting paper, and reflected great credit upon the writer. On the
motion of the Secretary, Bro. E. THOMAS, seconded by Sis. JOHNSTON, D.M., the best
thanks of the meeting were given to Bro. LITT, P.C.T., for his able paper,
which was greatly enjoyed by all present. As usual there was a large company
present, and a very pleasant and profitable evening was spent.