A well attended meeting of this society was held in the Schoolroom on
Wednesday night. The Rector presided over a well arranged programme, which was much
enjoyed. The feature of the evening's entertainment was the excellently
rendered Cumberland recitation by Mr ARNISON, of Wigton. The following was the

Pianoforte Sole - Miss Edith BIGLANDS
Spanish Glee - Mrs, Miss, and Mr B CURWEN and Mr I [could be T] NICHOL
Song - Mrs W NICHOL
Song - The navy - Mr Tom GRAHAM - An evening spent with an old friend - Mr
Song - The mill wheel - Mr Tom NICHOL
Glee - The bells of St. Michael's Tower - Mrs, Miss and Mr E CURWEN
Song - To Anthea - Miss E CURWEN
Song - Night - Mr W NICHOL - Tea cosy (encore) - Mr ARNISON
Song - They all love Jack - Mr Tom NICHOL - Where to spend your holidays - Mr

What was the C.E.T.S.?