This lodge held their usual weekly session in the Beehive Co-operative Hall.
After the usual opening ceremonies two candidates were proposed and accepted
for membership. It was resolved that a letter of sympathy be sent to the
parents of our late Bro DIXON, who died recently. Open session was declared, and
the following excellent programme was rendered:-

Song - Bro WATKISS
Reading - Tripe for supper - Bro WHITE
Song - Dear home songs - Bro C PELLOW
Reading - T'Shoemaker - Sister Ruth RUCASTLE
Song - The children's home - Sister M TOMLINSON
Reading - Why no Scotchmen go to heaven - Bro A WOOD
Solo - Where is heaven? - Sister GALE
Duet - Killarney - Bro W ARMSTRONG
Reading - Brandy, that infallible remedy - Bro WALKER
Recitation - A life story - Sister M BIGLANDS

Sisters Mrs GALE and Miss TOMLINSON ably acted as accompanists during the
evening. After an appeal by the C.T. for new members, the lodged opened in
ordinary session, when

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