Up to yesterday (Friday) the strike of surface hands at the Buckhill
Colliery, Great Broughton, was in operation. On Wednesday evening a meeting of the
underground workmen affiliated with the Miners' Union was held to discuss the
situation, and a deputation was appointed to wait upon the owners in regard to
securing certain particulars relating to the wages of the surface hands.
Messrs Solomon STEPHENSON, John SMITH (The Entrance), and John WALLACE were the
deputation, and they met the Colliery Company at Workington on Thursday.
Yesterday (Friday) morning an adjourned meeting of the underground and surface men
was held at Great Broughton, at which the deputation gave their report. It was
stated that the men at the Clifton, Harrington, and Siddick Collieries had
resumed work pending the matters in dispute being settled by the Conciliation
Board. After some discussion a resolution was adopted agreeing that in the event
of the dispute at Buckhill being referred to the Conciliation Board (and the
same results applying to the Buckhill men as to the men of the other pits in
dispute) the men resume work on Monday morning, providing the Allerdale Coal
Company, the owners, are agreeable in this course and that they open the pit.


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