Apprentice Wanted to Blacksmith Business, or good Turnover preferred. -
CASSON, Blacksmith, Cockermouth.

Apprentice Wanted to Brass Moulding and Brass Finishing. Also one or two
Youths accustomed to Iron Turning. - Apply, OSBORN & LAWSON, Workington.

A Plasterer Wanted. - Apply R. RELPH, Builder, Keswick.

Cowman Wanted. - Apply, J. BIGLANDS, Hall Bank, Aspatria.

Cook-General Wanted for Doctor's House, Clitheroe; small family; no children.
- Apply, B2, Bookstall, Clitheroe Station, Lancs.

Draper. - Apprentice Wanted. - Apply, W. ROUTLEDGE, 82, English Street,

Experienced General Wanted. - Apply by letter, Mrs KEY, Harrington.

Experienced General wanted for London, no family, no washing, good wages. -
Apply, McKEE's Registry, 20, King Street, Whitehaven.

Groom Gardener or Gardener. - Apply, Box 31, Times Office, Workington.

Good Cook-General Wanted for Kent House at the beginning of September. -
Apply, by letter, to Miss H. BLACKMORE, 3, North Road, Hythe, Kent.

General Servant, family of three, good home. - Mrs. COWAN, Brookfield
Gardens, Carlisle.

General Servant Wanted, Clergyman's house; small family; fare paid;
inexperienced girl might suit. - Mrs DUNN, Halsall, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Grocery and Provision Business Wanted. - Full particulars to Walton

Good General Wanted, for Private House, one Lady. - Mrs LISTER, 109, Church
Street, South Shore, Blackpool.

Good Servants Wanted. - Apply, Mrs J. BOYD, Principal Registry, Corn Market,

Housekeeper Wanted for a Farm House; elderly man, young girl. - Thos. HUDSON,
Parkend, Caldbeck.

Immediately, Two Good Generals for Blackburn. Reference necessary; good
wages. - GREENHOW's, Maryport.

Masons Wanted. - Apply, W. MARSHALL, Building, Maryport.

Morning Girl Wanted. - Apply, 60 Main Street, Cockermouth.

Oats. - Wanted, 100 Bushels, Cockermouth Station. - SEALEY BROS., Station
Street, Cockermouth.

Offers Wanted for 44 £1 fully paid Public Hall Shares; also 5 £1 fully paid
Aspatria Public Hall Shares. - Address, "W.B.," West Cumberland Times Office,

Refuge Assurance Company. - Good Agent Wanted for good Book in Frizington
District.- Apply, WYNN, 40, Crossfield Road, Cleator Moor.

Strong Girl Wanted for Kitchen. - Globe Hotel, Cockermouth.

Stonebreakers Wanted. - Apply, ROADMAN, Papcastle.

Two Young Girls Wanted, one as General, other Housemaid, ages 16, 17. - Apply
with particulars to Mrs DICKEY, Higgin House, Colne, Lancashire.

Maryport Urban District Council Loans. The Council are prepared to accept
Loans amounting to £1,220, in sums of not less than £25. - Application to be
made to Mr F. KELLY, Town Hall, Maryport.

Thoroughly competent Monthly or Sick Nurse at liberty; good references. -
Address, Mrs BRUNSKILL, 64, Cranbourne Street, Westfield, Workington.

To Cloggers. - Wanted, a Seatsman, constant work; or a Boot Repairer. -
Martin WALSH, 16, John Street, Maryport.

Working Barmaid Wanted; reference required. - Apply, George Hotel, Keswick.

Wanted, Kitchenmaid and General servant, also Staff Housemaid. - Apply,
County Hotel, Carlisle.

Wanted, at once, good General Servant, about 20. - BOWLEY, Temperance Hotel,

Wanted, experienced General Servant, able to cook and wash, age 24-30,
another Servant kept, small family, good wages. - Apply, Mrs BURROW, Ireby Vicarage,

Wallers Wanted, Water Works, Uldale, Cumberland. - LAING, Contractor.

Wanted, good Second-hand Greenhouse, either lean to or span. Also Heating
Apparatus. - Apply, by letter, 291, Times Office, Cockermouth.

Wanted, Ladies to know that Mrs NICHOLSON, of 147, Lower John Street, is Sole
Agent in Workington and District for Horn and Son's Celebrated Corsets.

Wanted, to rent, House near Workington, full particulars. - Box 30, Times
Office, Workington.

Wanted, a clean, respectable Girl, over 20, at once. - Address, 290, Times
Office, Cockermouth.

Wanted, Female Assistant Teacher, Certificated, £60, also Art. 50 for
Preparatory Class, £50, Holy Trinity Boys' School, Darlington.

Wanted, Lake District, Two good Generals, about 25; Protestants; [...missing]
Cook General and House-Parlourmaid [..missing] and Cooking taught, private
house, 6s [..missing]; family 3. - Address, "288", Times Office, Cockermouth.

Wanted, a Thoroughly Competent Butcher's Salesman. Must be able to keep
accounts well, and take charge during the Manager's absence. Must be a good
cutter, quick and accurate at scales. Applications, in own handwriting, stating
age, salary required, experience, references, etc., will be received up to Six
p.m. on Tuesday, September 22nd, 1903. - Co-operative Society Limited, Cleator

Wanted, early in November, a General Servant, Nurse-Housemaid kept. - Apply,
with reference, Mrs B.L. CARR, Newlands Vicarage, Keswick.

Wanted, a good second-hand Block Cart for [missing] Cart, suitable for a Pony
14½ hands. - J. McMASTER, Main Street, Dearham.

Wanted, 50 experienced Hotel and Private Cooks, Kitchenmaids, Generals. -
MASON's Registry, Millom.

Cockermouth Union
Wanted, for Union Workhouse, Cockermouth, Laundress, who must be a good
ironer, and able to read and write. Salary £20 per annum.
Particulars as to duties may be had on application to Mrs EMANUEL, the
By order, J.H. MUSGRAVE, Clerk, Cockermouth, 16th September, 1903

Young Man Wanted as Traveller. - Apply, COLLINS and SON, Grocers and
Confectioners, Maryport.

A Young Man, of good appearance and address, Wanted, to represent a
First-class Company. Good remuneration and prospects of early promotion to a capable
Man. Highest references indispensable. - Address, Capable, Times Office,

Amanuenses' Training Institute, Carlisle. - Three of the August Appointments
have been in Carlisle. Boy of 14 years of age gets 25s weekly! Girl of 16
years of age gets 20s weekly! See "Phonetic Journal," August 29th, page 482, or
apply for full particulars to Mr Max RUSSELL, above address.

Cook-General Wanted; also House-Maid-Waitress. - Green Dragon Hotel,

Cooks Wanted. - A Little Book, "Try it," by Mrs HUMPHREY ("Madge," or
"truth"), showing how to make dainty dishes, with a saving in time and money, will be
forwarded post free to any address, along with a sample of Freeman's
Delicious Custard Powder and particulars of a special free offer of a pair of Dent's
Superior Kid Gloves, or a set of six Handsome Custard Glasses. This
exceptional offer may not be repeated, so all housewives, housekeepers, and cooks, are
invited to write at once (a postcard will do) to Freeman's "Try it" Factory,
Gray's Inn Road, London, W.C.

Draper. - Wanted, Junior assistant, for Newcastle Branch. - Apply, JACKSON,
Outfitter, Workington.

Experienced General wanted. Small family; good wages; no washing or baking.
- Apply, N, Sion Hill, Ribbleston, Preston.

Experienced Housekeeper Wanted for Farmhouse. - Apply, W.J. BRASS, High
Houses, Ireby.

Experienced General for Small Family Wanted immediately. Mrs McKANE, Eskin
Street, Keswick.

Good General Servant Wanted; able to wash. - Apply, with reference, Mrs
CLARKE, Museum Square, Keswick.

Good General Servant Wanted, able to Bake, and do Plain Cooking; also
Housemaid. - Mrs CASS, Ravenglass.

Old Gold and Silver, Jewellery, etc., purchased for cash by HARRISON and SON,
Jewellers & Silversmiths, 4, High Row, Darlington.

Cumberland Education Committee
The Committee invite Applications for the following Posts:-
For Scalebeck (Keswick) Mixed Voluntary School (average attendance, 29)) -
Headmistress Wanted, immediately. - Apply John MARSHALL, Esq., Derwent Island,
For Leadgate (Alston) Mixed Council School - Headmistress, to commence duties
on October 1st. - Apply to the County Secretary.
For Aspatria Mixed Council School - First Assistant Master, Immediately. -
Apply to F. RICHARDSON, Esq., Solicitor, Aspatria.
For Caldbeck Fellside Mixed Council School - Headmaster or Mistress Wanted,
immediately. - Apply to W.H. GREENUP, Esq., Caldbeck, Wigton.
For Cumwhinton (Wetheral) Mixed Council School - Headmaster, to commence
duties November 1st. - Apply to S. CARTMELL, Esq., Solicitor, Carlisle.
For Stanwix (Carlisle) Council School (Boys), Art. 50 - Male or Female. -
Apply to Wm. DOBINSON, Esq., Solicitor, Carlisle.
Salary according to County Scale in each case.
C. Courtenay HODGSON, Esq., M.A., The Courts, Carlisle, 17th September, 1903.

Wanted, at once, Plumber & Gas-fitter. - Tom MACKENZIE, Contractor, Maryport.

Wanted Cook-General experienced with good references for a family of three. -
Miss HANKINSON, 8, Preston Avenue, Eccles, near Manchester.

Wanted by the Maryport Co-operative Society an Apprentice to the Clogging
Department, Dearham Branch. Applicants to appear before the Committee on
Saturday evening, September 19th, at seven o'clock. None need apply under 15 years
of age.

Wanted, Cooks, General, house-maid-Waitresses. Good references required. -
Mrs MAKEMSON, Registry, Workington.

Wanted, at St. Helens No. 2 Colliery, near Flimby, 3 or 4 good Joiners. -
Apply to the Manager.

50 Tons of Brambles Wanted. - Best market price given by J. SPENCER, Water
Street, Wigton.