Thos. CASSON, who until recently was in business as a draper in Pow Street,
Workington, was brought before Mr H. BOWES, at the Borough Police Court, on
Thursday, on a charge of sleeping in the open air.

P.C. WINTER stated that he found prisoner at 1-30 a.m. sleeping in a doorway
in Northumberland Street. He woke him. Prisoner appears to be in a bad way.
He had nothing in his possession.

Mr BOWes: Have you any place to go to? - Yes, I would have been at my
lodgings last night only my sons set on me.

Where do you live? - With Mrs BREW.

What Mrs BREW? - In Derwent Street.

A common lodging-house? - Yes, but I live in the private part.

Prisoner stated that he was going to his lodgings when his sons set on him
and nearly killed him. (Prisoner exhibited a black eye, and produced a
blood-stained handkerchief in proof of the abuse).

Mr BOWES: Will you go to the workhouse? - Yes, I will.

Prisoner stated that he had money in his own house but could not get at it.

Mr BOWES: Will you get a ticket for the workhouse? Can you walk to

Supt. CHEESMAN said that prisoner was not fit to walk; he would have to take
the train.

Accused was discharged on condition that he went to the workhouse.