Mr. E. SHINWELL, M. P., Secretary for Mines, announces that under the provisions of Section 5 of the Coal Mines Act, 1930, he has appointed the following persons to be the National Committee of Investigation: -
 A. E. DAVIES, chairman
 Mrs. H. L. NATHAN, J. P.
 Sir William NOBLE, M. I. E. E.
 Mr. W. R. RAE, J. P.
 Mr. C. B. L. YENNYSON, C. M. G., representing consumers of coal
 Col. Sir Frank BEAUCHAMP, Bt., C. B. E.
 Mr. R. FORRESTER, J. P., representing owners of the coal mines
 Mr. A. J. COOK
 Rt. Hon. T. RICHARDS, representing workers employed in or about coal mines.
     Mr. G. F. ANDERSON, M. C., has been appointed secretary of the committee.
     This Committee is charged with the duty of investigating any complaint with respect to the operation of the Central Scheme for regulating the production, supply and sale of coal by owners of coal mines in Great Britain which has already been approved by the Secretary for Mines, other than a complaint which could be referred to arbitration by the complainant under the provisions of the Scheme.
     The offices of the Committee are situated at the Mines Department, Dean Stanley Street, Millbank, London, S. W. 1., and should be sent to Secretary at that address.