My Favourite Songs:
     There are different kinds of songs and they each have a different tune. Songs are really musical compositions accompanied by words.
     Some of the various kinds include, classical, sentimental, comic, jazz, hunting and folk songs. My favourite sentimental songs are "Old folks at home," "Home Sweet Home," and "Annie Laurie."  Of hunting songs I like "John Peel."
     Among the songs we learn at school "The Mermaid," a shanty at sea, is very pleasing and of the comic songs I prefer "Old King Cole to all the others. It was sung on Crab Sports Day at Egremont, when the listeners were highly amused.
     I do not care much for classical singing and jazz because they have too much swing and have extremely high notes.
     My two favourite songs are "When it's Spring Time in the Rockies," and "Trade Winds." These are exceptionally nice because the words rhyme, and they both have sweet tunes, the notes being neither too high nor too low.
  Mary TYSON
Thornhill Council School