Mr. John TURNBULL, Camerton Hall, for  over seven years manager of the
Camerton Coal and Firebrick Co., was the  recipient of a gift from employees,
the presentation taking place on Tuesday  night at his residence.
    Mr. Alfred SEWELL, who presided over a  large company, said he personally
regretted the leave-taking of one who had been  a very good friend to all the
employees of the colliery, and who took a broad  minded view of all things.
Bothe Mr. and Mrs. TURNBULL had taken a close  interest in the social welfare
of the village, and in their new home they wished  them every success,
    Mr. John S. STUBBS, one of the firm's  oldest employees, in handing over
a beautiful silver coffee service, said that  the presentation was not made
because it was a custom, but because the employees  felt it was their duty to
shoe their esteem for Mr. TURNBULL. On behalf of all  connected with the
Colliery and Brickworks he asked them to accept the gift, and  trusted that both Mrs.
TURNBULL and he would have a long life and success to  enjoy it, (applause.)
    Replying on behalf of Mrs. TURNBULL and  himself, Mr. TURNBULL, who was
deeply moved by the kindness shown him, said it  was very difficult to find the
words to express his feeling of gratitude. He  thanked them for their
sincerity, and when he left the district it would be very  pleasant to remember the
thoughts of many friends they were leaving behind.  (applause.)
    Miss. Vera TURNBULL received a pearl  necklet, and Master Elliott (Sonny)
TURNBULL a pair of gold sleeve links.
    Mr. John FAWCETT, on behalf of the  staff, Mr. Wm. TURNBULL, secretary of
the Miner''s Lodge, and Mr. George WALKER,  delegate also spoke.
    Vocal items were contributed by Miss. P.  OWEN, Workington, Messrs. G. W.
JACKSON, J. WALLACE (Flimby) and B. B.  EDGAR.
    Dance music was provided by Messrs.  Harry T. PARKER, Dan MINICAN (Great
Clifton), and Wm. BOWMAN (Cockermouth). A  vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs.
TURNBULL and the singing of "For they are jolly  good people" and "Auld Lang
Syne," terminated a most enjoyable evening.
    The coffee service, which was supplied  by Mr. Jno. WALKER, jeweller,
Workington, was inscribed "Presented to Mr. and  Mrs. TURNBULL by the staff and
workmen of the Camerton Colliery and Firebrick  Company, as a token of their
esteem and respect. November 11th 1930."
    Mr. TURNBULL, who is Rural District  Councillor for the village, also
served as chairman of the Parish Meeting. He  held a similar position in
connection with the Miner's Welfare Institute.