B. W. T. A.
    On the invitation of Sir Wilfrid LAWSON,  the members of the Isel and
District British Women's Temperance Association met  in the Gun Room, Isel Hall,
on Saturday evening. There was a good attendance of  members.
    Mr. W. G. TAYLOR, Cumberland Band of  Hope Union, gave an interesting
address on the progress of the Temperance  movement in the County, and also
explained in considerable detail the working of  the Day School Lecture Scheme of
the U. K. B. Union, which has been inaugurated  for the purpose of aiding
Education Authorities in teaching the lessons embodied  in the board of Education
syllabus, the Hygiene of Food and Drink.
    Mr. TAYLOR stressed the two main  objectives on present day temperance
activities, the first being the extension  and development of definite
temperance teaching to the boys and girls of the  nation. The second object was  the
insistence of the rights of the people  to settle for themselves whether drink
shops should be planted in their locality  or not; in other words there should
be granted local option. They should have  knowledge, and the power to apply
that acknowledge in the interests and fo rthe  benefit of the community.
    Refreshments were supplied by Mrs.  SANDWITH and served by the Misses LAW.
    A very pleasant and profitable time was  spent, and the meeting
terminated with the singing of the "White Ribboners  rallying song, "All Round The