Police Recognition Leads
To Conviction.
    The theft of a miner's bicycle from a  shed at Walkmill Colliery,
Moresby, had a sequel at the Whitehaven Police Court,  on Thursday, when Robt. CASS,
of 4, Walkmill Cottages, Distington  appeared.
    He pleaded not guilty to stealing a  machine belonging to Mr. J. M.
STEELE. of Distington, was found guilty, and  ordered to pay 40s or go to prison
for a month.
    STEELE said he missed his bike on  October 28th and found a lamp which
had been attached to it fixed upon someone  else's. He took that cycle in order
to get home but returned it the following  day. He informed P. C. CURRY of the
    P. C. CURRY stated that four days after  the theft, he saw a youth riding
a cycle which witness recognised from the issue  description. He stopped the
rider in consequence of what he said took him to  defendant. CASS said he
found it lying on the pit bank and had mistaken it for  his own, which had
disappeared. He had meant to return it.
    Accused, in evidence, swore that he had  no intention of stealing the
    By Superintendent MELVILLE: He had no  cycle of his own now, and had not
tried to sell one at Keekle for 6s.
    You have been convicted at Millom for  the same offence? Yes.
    Supt. MELVILLE told the Bench that there  had been a number of cycles
stolen from Walkmill recently and when inquiries had  been begun, several
machines had been found in ditches and disused  hollows.