It is a courageous thing for Mr. H. J. C. WALTER, to decide as chairman of the council, that there should, for the first time, be no speaking at the Maryport Remembrance service. Courageous, because it might easily have been misconstrued. One hopes future chairman will follow his example. The service gained much from being purely devotional in character. It was shorter and therefore less harrowing to be bereaved, and there was an added reverence.
    No special arrangements have been deemed necessary to be made at Lonsdale Park for today's cup tie with Manchester Central, but in sporting, and particularly in "Soccer" circles there has been no time to discuss anything but this match for days now, and if that is anything to go by this enclosure will be fully taxed this afternoon. There is one very special reason why it should be.
    It is not very well known, but it is nevertheless a fact, that again the Workington Club's finances are looking a bit sick. There is nothing left, so I am informed, of the £400 odd which the Mayor's appeal brought in, and when, as has actually happened, the Supporter's Club Executive has to be asked to make a contribution from their funds so early in the season everything in the garden is not lovely, you may be sure.
    It is easily explained - net "gates" of £70 - £75, when they should be £90 - £100 and the directors are banking on today's and at least one future cup tie to help them safely through the season. So here's the best of luck to Workington.