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    There are few men in West Cumberland whose rise into the limelight of public work has been swifter than that of Jack ADAMS, who this week was elected Chairman of the Workington Education Committee.
    Who, for instance would have imagined that the Chairman of the Arlecdon and Frizington Urban District Labour Council ten years ago would have some day presided over such an august body as this? When he came to Workington as the Winding Engineman's secretary, his reception, I am afraid, could not have been to his liking, but he was destined as we now know, not only to play a prominent part in the public life of the town but to model his character afresh and so win his way into the hearts of all with whom his political as well as his municipal activities brought him into contact.
    Indeed among his best friends now are Colonel MASON and Mr. IREDALE, the former of whom ten years ago or less had no time for him, and it is all because Colonel MASON has lived to realise, and more especially when he was Mayor and had a better opportunity of studying his fellow Councillors, that men like Jack ADAMS are, like himself, in public work, not for anything they can get out of it but for the good they can do for others. Whether as a County Councillor, in which capacity he still represents his native village, or as Chairman of the Workington Public Health Committee, Jack ADAMS has already done yeoman service, and very popular recognition indeed it would be if he was someday to take his seat as a magistrate. Such an honour has been earned without a doubt, and it has been bestowed in the past for a great deal less service than Jack ADAMS has rendered to Workington in particular and the county in general.