The annual meeting of the Whitehaven Town Council on Monday was one of the shortest and most harmonious in the history of the corporation. Not only was the statutory business transacted in short time, but the ordinary business which followed was also expeditiously dealt with.
    This is all to the good and it is to be hoped that an example of the first meeting of the municipal year will be followed throughout the intervening period before the next annual meeting. That meeting will, no doubt, be of a more momentous character, in view of the Aldermanic election which is then due. But it is rather ???? to anticipate the situation at a year hence.
    The Rugby Union game in Cumberland has lost one of it's pioneers by the tragic death this week of Mr. William GIBSON, a 62 year old miner of Hayborough Cottage, Dearham. Forty years ago he was a useful member of the original Brookland Rovers pack. He also played for the original Dearham Wanderers, and was first reserve for the county.
    The decision of the Council to make an order for one-way traffic with the object of preventing obstruction in Lowther Street, King Street, Duke Street, and Scotch Street, four of the principal thoroughfares, is a step to be commended.
    With the increasing number of motor cars and the remarkable development of the Omnibus service the congestion in the streets, some of them narrow and unsuited to the present day fast moving and heavy vehicular traffic - has become an absolute menace to public safety, but it is hoped and expected that the introduction of a one-way traffic system, which has been made possible by the strengthening of the road in Duke Street, will considerably lessen the danger at present existing particularly on Market Days. The new system is to be put into operation on January 1st.