In another column in this issue particulars are given of possible developments respecting the seam of white barytes which as we announced last week has been discovered in Force Crag at the top of Coledale Valley, at Braithwaite. It is announced that it is intended to erect a factory probably in the West Hartlepool district, in which to produce a wide range of barium materials.
    But why at West Hartlepool? Why not in West Cumberland where there are plenty of sites, and where with modern dock facilities the advantages for conveyance of goods to London ought to be as good as elsewhere? Here is an opportunity for some of the local authorities concerned to interest themselves in the matter with a view to securing this industry for our locality.
    With new industries sadly needed in West Cumberland a chance of this description should not be missed, even if necessary to the extent of offering a free site, if this would be a sufficient inducement to secure the project being established in our midst.
    Though he has declined to have any official connection with the newly formed Maryport St. John Ambulance Brigade, it owes it's existence entirely to Mr. Jos. WILLIAMS, J. P. He called the meeting at which it was reformed, and was it's warmest advocate. He was superintendent of the former Brigade, which carried on until the end of the War. Ex-serviceman at the time probably had had a surfeit of ambulance work, and people at home thought that, with peace, there was less need for it. It went out of existence, but the old enthusiasm has now been revived, and the branch promises to be extremely active again.