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    Remembrance Day, with all it's solemn meaning and all it's poignant memories has once again passed. As years roll on it loses none of it's impressiveness, but rather gains in solemnity by contrast with the increasing gaieties and pleasures of life out of which it takes us for a short period to remind us of the sacrifices of those who gave their all in order that we might continue to enjoy liberty and freedom from the trammels of a foreign yoke.
    In every city, town and village throughout the country and in the wider breadth of  a far-flung Empire was solemn observance made to maintain these sacred memories and pass them on to a new generation in the hope that they may be perpetrated not merely as a tribute to the gallant dead, but in the interests of a hoped for universal peace.
    The bus companies have built spacious and comfortable bus stations in so many places that it is strange they have not done so in a centre like Keswick, which is a kind of junction between West and East Cumberland and Westmoreland and an important place of call for the buses to and from Scotland and to the South. If the Keswick Council propose to use the land in Bell Close for a bus stand the ratepayers will want to be assured that a fair charge is made that will give an adequate return for the capital outlay and upkeep.
    Workington has increased the rents of the market stall holders. Keswick may do likewise, for there is an agitation for the revision of the present charges. It is pointed out that the house and business assessments in the town have been greatly increased, and that the business people are therefore paying more rates.
    These rates maintain the town and it's market, therefore it is only right that outsiders using the market should pay a reasonable amount for the privilege of trading in that market. It is perhaps impossible to protect the public against being imposed upon by some of the "cheap Jacks." Only hard experience can do that. But the Council can see that those who use the market pay a fair rent for doing so. By the way, what has become of the decision to charge the hawkers 2/6 a day? Is it a dead letter?