The Ellenborough Primitive Methodist Choir, before taking the platform in the Village Choir Competition at the Workington Music Festival, decided to donate any prize money they might win to the Workington Infirmary. They won second prize, and the Infirmary benefited to the extent of 30?.
    Old dances, like other old tunes, are becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation, who are wearying of the monotony of the fox-trot. Dance inventors seem to be able to provide nothing new; they have apparently done their best when they have given us back the "one-step" with the "quick-step" as it's new name. So the old favourites are being restored to popularity.
    At the Maryport Christ Church dance, on Wednesday, it was at the request of the flappers that the programme included "Danny Boy" and "Daisy Bell" waltzes, six reels, barn dances and Spanish waltzes.
    One wishes they would also return to earlier hours. Even London keeps earlier hours than Maryport. Few dances in town last later than midnight, and very few at Maryport are properly started by then. Recently one important dance there started at 10 p.m. and finished at 3 a.m. Usually half an hour or an hour extension is granted, even after that time, and the night is gone when people eventually get home to bed. This is all right for people of leisure, but most Maryport people are workers and have to start reasonably early the next morning.
    I think this explains the growing popularity of the "Hometowners" 7 p.m. to midnight dances, and the "Golf Club's 'Little Dances' from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., and the dwindling attendances at the Long-Nights."