Serious Accident to the Harrington Postmaster.

Motor Car and Bicycle Collide.

On Saturday afternoon Mr James WAUGH, the Harrington postmaster, was returning from Melrose to Harrington on his bicycle. On descending a hill about three miles south of Lanholm, a motor car, belonging to the Duke of Buccleuch, and occupied by his factor and another gentleman was ascending. There is a bend in the road just about the place, and when Mr. WAUGH rounded the bend, he saw the car coming up the hill. Both were in the middle of the road, and in trying to pass clear they went first one side and then the other, as tow persons often do, with the result that a terrible collision occurred, and Mr. WAUGH and his bicycle being the lighter, sufered most. He was thrown to the ground, and for a time was unconscious. On coming round he found that one of the occupants of the car had been thrown out by the force of the impact. His bicycle was a wreck, and he himself was severely injured on the right shoulder, the right knee was cut in two places, and the foot badly bruised. Just about the time a brake, returning to Langholm, came upon the scene, and kindly took Mr. WAUGH back with them to Langholm, where after a rest he was able to take train and arrived home shortly before two o'clock. Yesterday (Tuesday) he was wonderfully recovered. Still very sore about the breast and foot, he is able to go about in the house and it hoped that a short time will restore him to his usual activity.