Messrs J. J. SPEDDING (chairman), Jno MARSHALL and A. ADAMSON, at Keswick Police Court on Saturday, had before them a small boy of eight-Wesley RITSON, living with his parents in Station Street, Keswick, on a charge of stealing from a shop in Station Street, occupied by Geo P. ABRAHAM, photographer, eight shillings in money and four letter weights, two framed pictures and a half a dozen each of packets of picture post cards and photo albums, valued at 25s, the property of G. P. ABRAHAM on September 18th and 19th.

Evidence was given by Ida Mary ABRAHAM who had charge of the shop in Station Street, occupied by her father; Alfred DAVIES (aged 8) schoolboy; Agnes DAVIES, mother of the last named; Annie CANNON, Leonard Street; Maud GRAHAM, of the Mikado Cafe, Station Street and others.

It appeared on the dates mentioned the boy had gained access to the premises of Mr. ABRAHAM by a window-which had evidently not been fastened-at the back and thence had got into the shop by way of the kitchen, the door from which to the shop it was not customary to lock. The first mentioned witness missed the money and the other articles, and on the second day about noon-after discovering that the articles were missing- (the money having been missed the previous day) she heard a noise upstairs, and going there found the boy and another child playing in the rooms. RITSON’s father afterwards handed her an empty book of views, with a few postcards, and one with views in, in consequence of a statement made to him in the boy's presence. Witness said she had not seen the boys in the back of the premises when she went on the previous Saturday morning to her work. The boy had afterwards tried to dispose of some of the articles to various people, asking for money for them.

The boy, on the advice of his father, pleaded guilty, and the magistrates taking into consideration his age, decided to bind his father over in the sum of £5, to produce the boy when called upon, and to be responsible for his future good behaviour.