(By a Contributor)
    With the advent of spring, B. B. Companies are enabled to get out into the open, and during Easter weekend various excursions were arranged. Some companies organised rambles; Distington Company walked to Ullock, 1st Workington Company held their time honoured Easter Monday route march from Whitehaven to Egremont and St. Bees, and the 1st Broughton Moor Company were conducted by Lieut. CHARLTON over one of the steamships in the Prince of Wales Dock, Workington.
    Many B. B. officers, while holding public positions, continue to perform their Company duties. Mr. R. C. CHANCE has for years captained the 4th Carlisle Captain the 4th Carlisle Company, and we are now able to congratulate Mr. Dawson DICKSON, Lieut. 1st Cockermouth Urban District Council.
    The artistic abilities of many of the boys in the b. B. today are shown by the number of excellent designs submitted each year for the Brigade membership. card.
    Designs for the next session's card are now asked for. They must be the work of the staff sergeants, N. C. O.'s or boys of the Brigade, and should be forwarded to the Brigade Office before the end of this month. They may be of any size, but should be drawn to scale, and should not involve the use of more than three colours.