Many Cockermouth residents will hear with regret of the death of Frederic PICKARD, which took place on April 2nd, in his 67th year, after 10 months illness. He came of a well-known Mansfield Quaker family, and the link that bound him to Cockermouth was made in 1891, when he married M. Alice WALKER, daughter of John and Isabella WALKER, of 4, Market Place.
    How many times have I seen him walking with his brother-in-law, the late Joseph WALKER, both in full angler's kit with their heavy salmon rods, making for Derwent, for Mr. PICKARD used to come regularly twice a year and join in the noble sport with other members of the Cockermouth Angling Association.
    Also, I remember, as quite a little boy, his regular attendance at the Meeting House in Kirkgate and many social events in the good old days, parties and quiet evening conversations over the fire while the young people would sing and play. At all these functions his cheerful outlook on life and his geniality and courtesy won our hearts, especially the young.
    Nor did his good wishes end in words, but many a time he extended a helping hand to those in need. He was also a considerable owner of property in the district at one time, and in fact owned land in the neighbourhood till his death. His personality will be missed on the Banks of the Derwent this summer by many an angler.
    He leaves a widow, daughter and son. The latter, like his father, is doing good work for the Society of Friends (in Geneva in his particular instance in connection also with the League of Nations.) Mr. PICKARD was President of the Men's Adult School at Mansfield for many years.
R. W. H.