The "Period Excursion" or "Holiday Return" tickets which the Railway Companies will put into operation from 10th April to 1st November, 1931, will give greater freedom in the use of these cheap tickets.
    There will be wider availability both as to the trains  by which they can be used on theoutward and return journeys and the days upon which passengers may travel. The tickets will be issued to a larger number of places on Friday, and frequently on Saturdays also, and there will be a greater range on Sundays than in previous years. Passengers will have the choice of returning on the following Friday or on any subsequent day up to and including Sunday fortnight. - Sunday week when the outward journey is made on a Sunday - except that return on a Saturday will only be possible where the tickets for the outward journey are available on a Saturday.
    In previous years these cheap tickets were available only by one or two specified trains outwards on Friday or Saturday, and the return journey's were confined to specified trains on the 8th or 15th day following issue.
    Detailed particulars of the new facilities will be announced by the companies individually.