Flimby Saxhorn Band
    To consider the difficulties of the Flimby Saxhorn Band, a meeting was held in the Public Hall, Mr. WEDGEWOOD, J. P., presiding and pointing out that they were at the end of their financial resources and had very few members.
    Mr. J. REED said the members would like to carry on the Band, but under the present circumstances it seemed almost impossible.
    Mr. D. COULTHARD said that six of their eleven members were from Maryport. They had lost six members since Christmas, and had not had a full band for the last five years.
    Mr. WEDGEWOOD said the Band had been well supported financially. Since the new instruments, which cost over £400, had been paid for, there had been difficulty in getting members to join.
    Mr. LANCASTER, secretary, said that as soon as the young members had learned to play they left to join other bands.
    Mr. W. COULTHARD proposed that the Band cease to exist and that the instruments be put into good condition and suitably stored.
    Mr. J. REED seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.
    Mr. REED moved a vote of thanks to Mr. W. DITCHBURN, bandmaster, who had been associated with the band as player and conductor for over 50 years. He said that Mr. DITCHBURN had taught scores of young men to play, and they were sorry his services were having to be dispensed with.
    Mr. J. LANCASTER and others also spoke in appreciation of Mr. DITCHBURN's services.