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    There are various means by which we can visit towns and villages. We can choose train, cycle, motor car, or bus, but when I go away I generally travel by bus.
    On Monday's it is Cockermouth Market Day, and the bus is usually full. Sometimes I go to Cockermouth by bus from which I can get a good view of the surrounding district. There are not many houses along the road, but there are a goodly number of road-ends leading to various villages.
    As we go along the road we pass by some small plantations, and it is very interesting to see a rabbit scuttle down its burrow at the sight of something coming. By the roadside in the fields young frolicsome lambs are playing about their mothers, or we may see a cow with a calf grazing in the field.
    In some of the land crops are cultivated, and sometimes we pass by when the fields are being ploughed. At other times there may be young shoots, and it is all very interesting to see how fast they have grown. If we go during summer the farmers are haymaking or harvesting. As we get nearer to the town we see the hills and the river Cocker winding its way as it rushes along.
    We also see the smoke rising from the chimneys, and the steeple on All Saint's Church. Glorious views of the surrounding districts can be enjoyed when we go for a bus ride.
Irene BOWE