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    A ride in a bus is very exciting especially when something exciting happens. The ride I am going to describe is a journey from Carlisle to Mawbray, which is about 23 miles.
    My auntie and I went to Carlisle by train one day and missed the return train, so we had to get a bus which took us to Wigton and then to Mawbray, which is a small village on the shores of Solway Firth midway between Silloth and Allonby.
    On the journey we saw many small villages which were not familiar to us. Suddenly such an exciting incident happened, for a woman had lost her baby and it was found sprawling under a seat. That was just settled when a woman who was on the top deck of the bus and lost her hat which came walking down the steps and then fell off into the road.
    Then there was such a peal of laughter from an old man who was on the top of the bus because a kiddie's balloon had hit him on the nose. He must have been very jolly, because everyone in the bus laughed when he cracked a joke.
    When we neared Silloth the old Scotsman alighted and went to a camp which was on the beach at Skinburness. Everybody was sorry to see the merry man had disappeared, because there was nobody who could joke and laugh like him.
    After a while the snores were heard from a fat man in the back of the bus who began to roll up and down until he fell on the floor. As we came near to our destination the bus was so quiet that  a pin could be heard dropping. This was the end of our exciting bus journey.
Margaret KENNEDY (aged 11)
Workington St. John's Girls' School.