A pretty wedding at Aspatria on Monday was that of Miss. Mary Elizabeth HEWITSON, the youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late John HEWITSON, and Mr. Henry FRAZER, the only son of Mrs. and the late Henry FRAZER, Station Road, Flimby. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. C. S. WINTER in the Wesleyan Hall, Aspatria.
    The bride was becomingly attired in a dress of lemon georgette trimmed with lace, with hat, shoes and stockings to tone, and carried a bouquet of lemon tulips and star of Bethlehem. She was given away by her eldest brother, Mr. Joseph HEWITSON.
    The bridesmaids were Miss. Sarah and Miss. Hannah HEWITSON, sisters of the bride and Mrs. HOGARTH, cousin of the bridegroom. Miss. Sarah HEWITSON and Mrs. HOGARTH were attired in dresses of peach georgette trimmed with lace, with black picture hats. Miss. Hannah HEWITSON wore a dress of pale green georgette and black picture hat. They carried bouquets of pink and white tulips, the gifts of the bridegroom.
    The best man was Mr. George HOGARTH, Netherton and Mr. George COURTY, Flimby, was groomsman.
    The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a string of pearls, and the bride's gift to the bridegroom was a gold wristlet watch.
    The reception, which was attended by over 100 guests, was held in Aspatria Cooperative Hall. There were many beautiful and useful presents. The happy couple's home will be at 7, Ashley Street, Netherton.