BUT WHICH?
    Confusin arose in the Whitehaven Police Court on Thursday as to which one of seven greyhounds owned by Mr. Henry HAY, of Main Street Distington, had brought upon him a charge of keeping a dangerous dog.
    Thos. WILSON, of Main Street, said he saw a brown greyhound snatch one of his chickens, maul it, and then run off with it. He shouted at the dog and it dropped the hen, which had to be killed. Witness could not identify which one it was, but he knew it belonged to the defendant.
    HAY: I have seven brown dogs (laughter). If you would keep your hens shut up my dogs would not bother them. You allow them to scratch about my field in which the greyhounds are exercised.
    Supt. MELVILLE: My application was for an order against a particular dog, but which one of the seven brown ones it is, is puzzling me. (Laughter).
    Miss. Janet HAY, called by her father said many times she had driven the hens out of their field before the dogs were allowed out.
    Supt: How many big dogs have you?
    Seven, all brown ones and different sizes. (Laughter).
    The Bench found that there had been fault on both sides and dismissed the case.