Motor Cycles, Sheep And
Car in Cockermouth
Two motor cyclists, a motor car and a flock of sheep were involved in a peculiar accident near Cockermouth on Saturday afternoon.
    About half past two Mr. Thomas Lunson HAYSTON, son of the Dovenby Schoolmaster, of Scaur House, was riding a motor cycle on the Dovenby to Cockermouth Road and was rounding a bend near Belle Vue when his machine came into a flock of sheep. He was injured on the face and his left leg.
    Another motor cyclist, Mr. William WILSON, of South Marsh Street, Workington, was following Mr. HAYSTON and was a witness to the occurrence. When swerving to clear, however, he ran his machine into a motor car which was standing on the left side of the road. He also was thrown and received injuries to his face.