At the breaking up of the Uldale School for the Easter vacation, a presentation to the headmaster was a pleasing event. Mr. J.  H. AKITT has been headmaster for five year and is now leaving Uldale to take up a similar appointment at Great Langdale School under the Westmoreland Education Committee.
    The vicar, Rev. J. C. CANTLOW, in asking Mr. AKITT's acceptance of a solid silver wristlet watch with luminous dial, said that if it had not been for Mr. AKITT's expressed desire that nothing of  the kind should be done, there was not doubt that a presentation  would have been made from the whole parish instead of being limited to the scholars and staff and a few friends, for during the time Mr. AKITT had been with them he had gained the esteem of all with whom he came into contact, and his leaving was viewed with deep regret on all sides.
    He had been active in the most kindly and courteous way in every parochial movement, and they would miss him in the capacity of churchwarden as much as in  other spheres. During his headmastership, with Miss. HARRISON's cooperation the school had greatly improved in tone and usefulness, to which the reports of H. M. Inspector and the Diocesan Inspector bore witness, and at the same time the scholars had increasing affection and respect for him.
    They hoped that the wristlet watch would serve to remind Mr. AKITT of the many friends he had left behind in the school and in Uldale, and that it would be at the same time a token of their good wishes for every success in their new sphere at Langdale, not only to Mr. AKITT, but also to Mrs. AKITT who had so well supported him.
    Miss. HARRISON then made the presentation to Mr. AKITT, who suitably responded, saying that he would always value their gift, and that he hoped both Mrs. AKITT and himself would often be able to come and visit Uldale, where they had received so much kindness. He thanked them most sincerely.