AT FLIMBY
Trespassers Bring Bogey
       Off The Rails.
    James SOUTHERN (29), labourer, 3, James Place, Flimby, appeared before the Maryport magistrates yesterday (Friday) for committing wilful damage to a colliery siding at Risehow to the extent of 3s 4d at 2 p.m. on the 25th inst.
    Defendant pleaded "not guilty."
    Watchman McCRACKEN said P. C. RENNEY called him to the Siding where there were eight buckets of coal, four old bicycles and three buckets and several tons of metal on the lines. One bogey was off the railway.
    P. C. RENNEY said he saw the defendants and two others on the top of the full bogeys on the Siding. They were picking coal and throwing metal on the line. When they saw witness they bolted. The others got away. Defendant ran ten or twelve yards to an old bicycle, which he pretended to be repairing. Witness asked him what he was doing picking coal there and he replied "I am on the dole and this always helps." While witness was there one bogey went off the line and the donkey engine and four men were needed to replace it. It was a disgraceful scene.
    Defendant said if he had been on the full bogeys he could have got away with the others. These old bicycles were left there because there was a notice stating that if they took them over the bridge they would be prosecuted. The bicycles were left for the purpose of taking the coal away. Defendant added that the constable did not see him on any bogey.
    The Clerk: It isn't a question of whether he saw you or not. Were you on?
    Defendant: No.
    Inspector SEMPILL said the Colliery Company wished to draw the magistrates attention to the repeated prosecutions for this class of offence. The Company were suffering considerable damage and loss through these trespassers and they asked for a penalty.
    Defendant was fined 10/ - and ordered to pay 3/4 of the damages.