Heavy Fine for Alleged
    Insulting Behaviour.
    At Cleator Moor Police Court yesterday (Friday) John HUTCHINSON, described as a billiard marker, and living at 73, Birks Road, Cleator Moor, was charged with indecent exposure with intent to insult a certain female in Jacktrees Road, about 10-10 a.m., on March 31st.
    Mr. J. F. BAXTER, who appeared for the defendant, pleaded "not guilty." The court was cleared during the hearing of the girl's evidence.
    Standing at the Clerk's desk, the little girl said she was ten years of age. On March 31st she was sent to her aunt with a message and her way led her past the Jacktrees Hospital. Near there she met defendant (whom she recognised in Court) and he committed the alleged offense complained of. Witness was very firghtened and ran away, later telling her mother about what had happened.
    Cross-examined by Mr. BAXTER, witness said there was no one else in sight at the time. Defendant did not speak to her neither did he touch her.
    The girl's mother said the girl was very excited when she returned home and her face was very white and tear stained.
    Complainant's aunt said her little niece was crying bitterly when she arrived at witness's home, and in view of what she said the police were sent for.
    P.C. GIBSON stated that he questioned the little girl, who appeared to be very distressed. Two hours later, witness and Sergeant WINTER interviewed defendant and  asked him to account for his movements that morning. He was later cautioned and charged and he replied, "Yes, I did it. I cannot help it and I am very sorry."
    Cross-examined witness said the word "relief" was never used during the interview.
    Sergt. WINTER corroborated.
    A long argument then ensued between Supt. MELVILLE and Mr. BAXTER about the exact wording of the charge, and the two policemen were recalled to clearly define what HUTCHINSON was accused of when interviewed.
    Mr. BAXTER submitted that he had no case to answer and that the charge hung on the girl's evidence alone. The testimony of the police officers was nothing more or less than "I did it" a phrase which HUTCHINSON meant to imply that he had relieved himself. The words "rudely, obscenely, and openly" included in the charge were never mentioned to defendant when interviewed.
    The Bench decided that there was a case to answer and the defendant gave evidence in which he denied intent to insult. He never saw the girl run away or crying.
    The Bench took a good deal of time to consider their decision and, upon returning, Mr. W. H. WATSON announced that HUTCHINSON would be fined £5, or in default, one month's imprisonment.